Breakin' in Morgan's New Crib

Every time Uncle Bryce is around Riley it is chaos! Playing, yelling, screaming and mostly laughing. For some reason, Uncle Bryce thought it would be "fun" to let Riley jump around in the new soon to be Morgan's crib. Of course Riley thought this was great fun as you can tell! The best part about winding little kids up till there bouncing off the wall, is they soon have to go home. So, I noticed on Riley's way out she was pulling Katie's hair and still screaming and laughing! My house, on the other hand, is nice, quiet, and peaceful. But still, nothing makes my day better than to hear the laughter of a little kid!

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The Renaissance Chick said...

Precious pic of Riley and her baby doll in Morgan's new crib! The crib really looks nice! Are they putting it next to your bed so you can get up all night? :)