Scarey Doll Heads, Hoodie for Morgan & Cupcakes!

These two, above, sat on the shelf behind the counter half of the day. The big ass scary one didn't have a price, nothing like working all day with "those two" staring at you! Where Robin finds these amazing frightening creatures is beyond me. I'm glad the customer came back and purchased them meaning they are GONE! The big headed one, with her eyes rolling back in her head, and tiny buck teeth. . . I'll probably have nightmares of that face tonight! Thankfully, we were incredibly busy today, very busy, and my gratitude goes beyond words, but thank you to all our amazing customers for shopping with us! After our store closed, Katie and I walked over to N.Glassell. Because I'm always at work, I never to get to visit the other shops much. We stopped at the cute little kids store, Two Little Monkeys, and I bought a tiny baby hoodie for Morgan(my granddaughter that is due June 2). It looks huge in this picture, but believe me it's tiny. We walked a few shops down to "the Cupcakery". It is this really cute little cupcake store that just opened. I got a cupcake for myself, which was my dinner that I ate as soon as I got home, and brought Bryce and Justine red velvet cupcakes home. They weren't home, so I hung this little bag on their bedroom door. So, for the exception of those doll heads, and one customer that almost got "bless your little heart" shoved right up her "you know what", today was really a nice day. I've always said, staying positive makes the difference between a good day and a bad day! I will go to bed happy and as always "grateful" for the life I've been given.


Malisa said...

Hate the baby doll head phenomena! That big head is scarey as hell! Now who would pay good money for that...and why? Oh, well...to each his own!

Those red velvet cupcakes look dang yummy! I make a mean red velvet cake...it is my grandmother's recipe. She made those cakes years before they became the rage. The title on her recipe page says Mahogany Cake...she always called it "Make a Hog of Me" cake! :) I dream of her little house all the time...especially her kitchen where she whipped up some mean meals!

Yippee for a busy day! Hope you are rollin' in the dough!

Hope I didn't spoil your karma with my long email today! Hope you are having a cold one and having a relaxed night!


Sweet Remembrance said...

What a fabulous day...
sweet baby clothes & cupcakes, yum!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Now I am about to pee my pants about the doll heads. In one of my previous posts I had a wicked little doll like except it had the body but with no arms or legs!! I bought her but I thought my friend was not going to let me put her in the truck to take her home with me. She or he... was rather weird looking, I posted 'its' picture on my blog and within an hour it was sold!! It was a little too scary movie looking for me!! But it did sell rather well, take care, Janna