Our Little Morgan

As time passes, the more I become SO totally amazed at what technology is capable of doing. This is a 5-D ultrasound of my little Morgan, my new granddaugher that is due on June 2 of this year. My son, Bryce, had bought a gift certificate for his wife, Justine, for her birthday to have the 5-D ultrasound done.They also give the a DVD with music of the photos as well. As we all looked at all the pictures, I had to admit some of them were a little scary to look at. But of course in a good way! Apparently, Morgan already has quite a bit of hair, as in a full head. All of my kids had lots of hair when they were born, and Bryce actually needed a hair cut when he was four months old! Each time Riley gives me a big kiss, and hugs and hugs me, I start to be in awe that there will be another baby born that will fill my life with that same unconditional love. It reminds me that no matter how difficult things can be at times, the gift of a grandchild is magical and I do, indeed, feel blessed!
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Malisa said...

Oh, look at Morgan! Isn't that amazing? My daughter-in-law had one of these done and it blows my mind how much the image looks so much like Tango actually looks in real life! Sweet babies...they are the heartbeat which kep us going!


Brande said...

Here's to hoping she doesn't have Bryce's giant head...