Spring Cleaning

When you normally hear the words "spring cleaning" you thnk about the inside of your house. Today I was noticing the little courtyard area by my front porch could use a bit of spring cleaning as well. I've got this thing for vintage watering cans, birdhouses, and adirondack chairs. I don't know what it is, I'm just drawn to them! And even looking at them they needed some spring cleaning! Brande had stopped by yesterday with some plants from her nursery at the store, Johnnye Merle's. So, I started re-planting an old vintage washer where Riley's little adirondack chair sits. Not quiet done yet, and looking at the picture looks like it needs some help so it can stand up straight! Even the lily's need to be trimmed back and freshened up a bit. One thing I love about Spring is that you forget about stuff you've planted season after season, and then one day they just pop out of nowhere. It's always such an awesome surprise to see a flower just randomly pop up and bloom. There is a lot of work ahead to get that spring cleaning done outside, but anxious to get started and to see what my garden surprises me with this year!


The Texas Woman said...

Nice, nice courtyard.

The Texas Woman

Jacque said...

You have such fun collections on display, we would have fun seeing each others homes! Our styles are very similar, Actually I rarely refer to mine as a "style", it is more like a "way". Fun pictures!~Jacque