My Laugh Of The Day!

So today as I'm playing "pick a bill out of the hat", you know the which bill should I pay today game, I read the one I picked out very carefully. This bill is my monthly premuim for one of the store insurance polices. There is this little bright "sunshine yellow" box and written inside of it is this: "Here's the question: Is your insurance keeping up with your growing business? Call your agent today for a free reveiw"! I was so happily "shocked", I didn't realize MY business was growing so rapidly in todays (okay I HATE this word)"economy"!! Of course I will call because I would LOVE to pay for even MORE money for insurance! Hey, at least it made me smile and this company is being creative and positive with their bright little "sunshine boxes"!


Malisa said...

Oh,my gosh! I love that pic! You know I'm stealing it! :)


Sue said...

Knock yourself out Malisa ;0}

Mandi said...

That p

Mandi said...

That picture is hysterical!

Just watched your 'movie' about your mom..it made me smile and cry, all at once! I have always loved the gardens, have enjoyed watching them grow and evolve over the years. What sweet memories to have of your mom..I'll think of her when I use chapstick from now on!