My Best Days, Are. . .Riley Days!

When Riley and I hang out at my house, the days usually begin with Riley checking out the Nickjr website to see what's up, and NOT pounding on the keyboard! I always have to make sure I have a big supply of chocolate chip cookies, her favorite. Ever since Riley was a baby, I've used this primitive old school desk that sits at the end of my couch for Riley and her books! She loves her books, just like my kids did at her age.
Riley enjoys calling her buddy Dora often on the phone and is working on learning her numbers in Spanish as well as English. Little dinosaurs are big favorite of Riley's these days. We just got two BIG posters of two BIG dinosaurs! By days end, a few pillows off chairs here and there, it's time to call it a day at Gramma's! And, I really mean it when I say, "my best days are Riley days"!!And for those of you that are fans of the "Leonard and Riley" love affair, Leonard is still alive and well, but was sleeping most of the day!

Friday's Favorite Family Foto
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Teresa said...

How could days like that, be called anything else? She's adorable.

ClassyChassy said...

She is darling - and what a smart little girl!!!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

She is so adorable, I know she fills your heart with smiles and your days with sunshine.

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Photos of you Riley are a great way to start the day. se is adorable! ...and it's great to see little ones loving their books. Thank you for sharing her with us this Friday. I hope you will join us again next Friday for Favorite Family Foto. If you can post a link back to my blog, your readers can visit the other Friday posters.


Jacque said...

Sue, I missed a few days, voted last night, good luck with that, your store deserves recognition. Looks like you are spending your time in the best ways possible! Always uplifting and inspiring to read what you are up to~Jacque

Angela said...

She's adorable! Looks like she enjoys her Grandma time!

Sherrie said...

She's beautiful!! She also looks very energetic! Have a great day!!


Malisa said...

I was getting worried about Leonard's absence and then you said he was sleeping! Wheew! Thought he and Riley might have had a fight! Fluffy should have moved in for the lovin'! So glad to see you on Foto Friday!

I noticed that alot of the photos on your wall appear to be on canvas frames. You do that or you have them done? I want to know how to do it!

Give Riley a hug for me...she is darling, as usual!!!


Angela said...

What a cutie!!!

Dawn said...

She's adorable!!! I can see why you enjoy your days with her. My granddaughter (3½) has been on vaction for two weeks. I haven't seen her or her little brother. I can't wait for them to come home. There certainly is something special about spending your days with a little one. It just makes your heart smile! ☺

take care,

Bernice the Housewife said...

What a beautiful little girl! I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Montee said...

What a cutie patootie!

Tomarie said...

Not only is your Riley a cutie...she is going to be a BEAUTY when she grows up!! :-)
What sweet pics...and how great that she likes to read! Thanks for sharing ~ and so glad I found your blog!! :-) Laura

Tara said...

Riley is adorable!! She looks to be about the same age as my Kassie and has the same curls in the back! With such a cutie, how could she not make your day? Thanks for sharing!