"I'd Rather Shop Than Hunt Easter Egg Sale"

Okay, start putting those marks on your calendar to mark off the days until next month, on Easter Sunday, when it's time for this thrilling and exciting event:"I'd Rather Shop Than Hunt Easter Egg Sale"!! On Easter, April 12th for six hours only (10am - 4pm) Country Roads will be hosting an awesome sale. And as those of you that shop our sales regularly now know, we have some damn good prices during these special times. Also, if you want to "give back" to someone we're makin' it easy! If you bring in a gently used purse filled with goodies, you will receive an entry blank to enter to win a "breath taking" gift basket but together by our fabulous Country Roads dealers, just for you! Why, because you are so willing to help those women in shelters that need a little extra help to remember that there are people that sincerely care about them. So please, fill up a purse, get a entry blank, and "shop till you drop" on Easter Sunday. We look forward to celebrating another holiday with "YOU" our favorite customers!


Malisa said...

To quote Ronald Reagan (which kills me to do, by the way)...THERE YOU GO AGAIN! Yep, there you go again...being nice! You are just the best! I am going to ship you a few purses and I think there are others out there who would like to do the same! Give us an address to mail to! I am going to write a post today about your post...maybe we can get some more people involved!

I am so glad you are my bud!


Sue said...

Anyone and everyone that wants to help out "My Sister Joanie's Purse Project" can send their purses to my store:
Country Roads Antiques & Gardens
204 W. Chapman Orange, CA
If you look on the right side of my blog, there is a link "Random Stories". If you click it on, I "think" the first article is one I wrote about this project. It's important to help people remember that in the toughest of times they are not forgotten. And such a small gesture as a "purse" can make a huge difference in someones life. It reminds them that there are still people out there that truly care! Thanks, Sue

Anonymous said...

I would rather shop than hunt Easter eggs, but unfortunately I live in Rhode Island and that is just way too long a drive for me.
But I can send a purse or two!

Anonymous said...

One more thing......
What sort of goodie would you suggest we place inside the purses?