A Blast From the Past

I love looking at my kids pictures when they were little. They are memories that are kept tight, tucked away in my heart. The oldest is Brande, she is 29. Next is Katie who is 27. And the baby of the three is Bryce who is now 25. I often wonder how time passed that quickly. Here are just some random pictures of "my babies" in different places. Above was taken in the winter, up at Lake Arrowhead, CA Here is Katie, just a few days old at Christmas time with her big sister, Brande. This picture was taken one Fall afternoon at my sister's house. Here we have a very patriotic photo taken on a July 4th bbq. It's nice to see Corona has been around all these years! This was taken in front of a Bed & Breakfast in Montery,CA. They have the most awesome aquarium there for kids!
Here are all three in Napa, CA. When you have three little kids posing for a picture, the odds are pretty great that one of them is going to be messing around! One summer vacation we drove up to Yachats, Oregon. It was a little chilly and windy but the kids had fun on the beach none the less. This last photo was taken at our first house in 1988. It was during the remodel from hell. And no Katie, no one can see your hoo-hoo in this picture! As I glance at these pictures I remember these moments like they were just yesterday, but now they are all grown up. They will always be "my baby's" no matter how old they are!
Fridays Favorite Family Foto
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Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Katie has helped us many times while shopping in your store...now we'll never see her the same way!!! LOL

Schotzy said...

Aw! This is a wonderfully, precious post! What doll babies you are sharing about today! I posted about my baby doll as well.

Tara said...

Those are great pictures!! It sure does worry me though, how fast time goes by- my daughter's 2 and not only can I not believe how fast 2 got here, but I feel like 16's just around the corner! =(

Thanks for sharing!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Your kids are so so cute! I had figured out the kids' birth order just from what you have told me...and I was right! We need a before and after picture...but this time, tell Katie to keep her hoo-hoo covered! :)


Teresa said...

Those photos are so much fun. And those are the kind of memories that always make our days brighter. Too sweet.