Fall Gardening At Johnnye Merle's!

One of my favorite things about Country Roads is the variety! There really is something for everyone. I've written about our nursery and gardens, named after my Mom,  "Johnnye Merle". She loved gardening and often shared her stories with me, then with my own kids, about how she use to love to garden in her home state of Texas, although the soil was pretty tough. That is why she was a big fan of the Texas Bluebonnets. As she would always tell us, "you could just throw 'em in the ground and they would grow anywhere"! I passed on that same love of gardening just like my Mom did to my kids as well. My oldest, Brande, has the gardens out in the back at Country Roads. I love how it doesn't look like other gardens. There are many demonstrative gardens throughout the back area. Also, there are always a great selection of different types of plants that you just don't find everywhere including Annie's Annuals, and Native Suns that have great succulents. And since Fall is just around the corner, JM Gardens is having a 10% off sale through Labor Day Monday. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Johnnye Merle's Gardens and Nursery!

I hope you find the time to stop by and see us. Shopping at Country Roads is so more pleasant now since that horrible spell of "hot" weather and humid we had for almost two weeks straight, is GONE! It's nice to feel the sea breeze again!! I hope to see you over the week-end.


Kate said...

Love shopping the garden Brande's plants are so amazing. I told her today how great they look in my yard. I love how there is such a great variety to choose from.

See you soon

marcela cavaglieri said...

Brande works hard in the garden and it always shows. I just wish I had a very little tiny green thumb....
Love the picture of the third princess on the right side of the screen!