CR Randomness

One of my favorite words of all times is "dandy". So when I saw this little oven thing in the store the other day, I had to take a picture of it. I think "dandy" describes this insanely busy and crazy Summer of mine. Free time has been nonexistent and I'm looking forward to some calmer, less hectic days ahead. I took some random pictures the other day at Country Roads. Just "stuff" that caught my eye on that particular day. I thought I would share some of our CR eye candy with you this morning!

And just like life, sometimes the simplest, or the "less is more" say the most. As always, the store looks great right now and is filled with wonderful things. We hope you find the time to stop by for a visit soon!


marcela cavaglieri said...

Oh! I would love to stop by but that will have to wait a little longer...

Sue said...

I too would LOVE for you to stop by! Many dealers come and go at CR. But you my friend, are one that is missed very much!! Come see me soon.

Take care,