The Good Old Stuff

These days it gets harder and harder to find the "real" old stuff. Not the knock offs or the reproductions, but the good old country primitives that so many of us love. Right now, Country Roads has some great pieces in the store. I love, and I mean really "love" the piece above. It came from a general store and has the old bins below, and the displays shelves above. It is two pieces, and is a one of kind. The old white is great, but take a look at the backing on the shelves. What great color.

This big girl is great for storage! She too is two pieces and has great old blue hardware and wonderful old white crackled paint. What I love about this piece is there is a ton of room for storage!!

I love this little folk arty piece. It sold as soon as it got to the store. All the cute little drawers and the cabinet space just added to its charm.

I don't know why, but I've always called the little white cabinet above and cabinets like it "wall bangers". This one is cute with the little screen cutouts on both doors and the chippy white paint calls my name as well.  If I remember right, it's priced really reasonably.

For any of you that love the real old country primitives, you know that you don't see many of these early dry sinks around anymore. What I love best about this one is the wear from so much use over all of its years. ago  You can feel the wear in the smooth uneven wood. It is really a good example of what country primitives are all about.

I "think" this blue cabinet had issues when it was moved and the glass in the doors were broken. It still has great blue paint with white on the inside. I love the contrast of the white and blue together, it adds to the charm.

This little small hanging cabinet was handmade. I like the cubbies on the inside, and the old glove advertising that is used as a cabinet door.

This old stove dates back to the mid to later 1920's. It is still okay to be hooked up and used in a kitchen today or as a display piece as well. The green and cream paint add to the charm of it!

The tag on this calls it a "Amish Feed Bin" and it does have some wear on it. I think it was used to keep all the grain on the inside and then the bottom piece lifts up to scoop out the grain.

This green piece is BIG and has lots of storage. It's got the original wavy glass in it and original hardware. You can see on the side where it was built in a house at one time. I'm also guessing that under the green paint, you would find the wood color that is on the side as well.

The old counter display piece had a boo-boo on the way over to CR. It is a great piece and has mirrored hinged doors in the back and storage below. All it needs is just a new piece of glass and she is all ready to be used again.

Of all the pieces above, this too is one of my favorites, along with the general store piece. I think I like it because it is kind of folk arty. The cabinet is made from old dark would while the drawers are tin that at one time had old advertising labels on it. You don't stumble across these very often. So, this is the latest that has just arrived at Country Roads. And as you know, "Country Roads is always your favorite, never the same"! Have a great week.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You always have the best things! Have a great week, T

CURIOUS said...

Hi SUE! . . . OK, You've got us DROOLING ! They're All Great Pieces! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

Genie said...

My Mr. Wonderful got the primitives. That dry sink is a beauty. What is it about cabinets that touches our hearts so?

Sue said...

Actually the stuff is mine. I've got SO much and I made the decision to start scaling down a bit. Believe me, I still have plenty of stuff left!

trash talk said...

Susie Q...you know I have a soft spot for the good old primitives and that sink is killer...killer!
I think you should start calling the wall bangers "Harveys"!

maria said...

Just found your site and so glad I did!!! It brought a smile to my face and I'm all about smiles and touching lives so........Thank You!!