Working Around the Clock

The past several weeks, we've been really busy at Country Roads. I have to be honest, it feels GOOD to go home so tired these days! Yesterday we had merchandise everywhere! Some of it left to go up north on the 405. Pulling the sold merchandise from the store, trying to fluff the areas after it was removed, and then loaded into the trailer and truck was an all day project for Bryce and Tim. And Carol followed up on the inside fluffing all the areas that looked like a tornado struck. And one load was headed for Japan, while another was going to the docks to be shipped to Australia. It's a nice feeling to have your merchandise going to other parts of the world. With everything being shipped out, it didn't leave the store empty. We had a couple of new Country Roads dealers moving in yesterday. Many of you know Marcela from her store in San Clemente, "Nice and Easy". She has joined our Country Roads family and is just getting started setting up. And of course it wasn't hard for me to be her first customer. I had to have the little books above for my bedroom! How could I not? Also moving in yesterday were Blanca and Sandra. They too are still in the process of setting up. There displays are starting to come together as well. The best thing I love about Country Roads is that it never stays the same. We always have something going on. And as we like to say, "Always Your Favorite, Never the Same".


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your shop is so wonderful. I love Marcel and Clara, and of course have several of their fabulous altered vintage books! So nice to know they will be at Country Roads with you.

Malisa said...

What? Did you forget to take a photo of that trailer heading to my house in Texas? :)


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm soooo excited you liked my books! Had no idea you bought it!!! I brought more stuff today and I'll make one more visit before my trip on Sunday. Thank you Sue for having me!!!!