Mixing Decorating Styles

As much as I LOVE the old chippy paint, and country primitives, I also have a LOVE for the beach and everything tropical! I'm a CA native from sunny Southern CA and have always lived within about a ten minute drive to the beach! My home is a mix of decorating styles and collections. One of my collections is old bathing suits. The swimsuit pictured above is one I've had, but the dress form is new, just brought her home. It's NOT the time of year to buy anything for me. I have a small Catalina Swimwear logo stuff. The framed advertisement above came from an old magazine advertising Catalina Swimwear.The vintage Catalina advertising life preserver was at one time used in a department store that displayed Catalina Swimwear. When I noticed that the dress form pictures above had the Catalina logo, well, as I said, she had to come home with me! My house is filled with vintage furniture and collections. My bedroom is kind of a mix of decorating styles. I love the beach, tropical stuff, and Maui (oh how I miss Maui), so my room is a mix of not only that but blended with old country primitives as well as a few vintage surfboards. The old vintage beauty shop chair is by far one of my very favorite things not just in my bedroom, but my house! It was re-done in a bark cloth type tropical fabric and the chair is so comfortable. The chair also works well as a climbing toy for Riley. She loves to make the chair go up as high as it can go. I always feel bad when customers are never sure if they should buy something they have fallen in love with at Country Roads because they are just not sure it will go with the rest of their house. My house is a "home" and it's filled with things that I love, things that hold a place in my heart. Our houses are meant to be "homes". My "home" is filled with things, family and friends that I love! Happy Monday.


Maureen said...

Gotta love eclectic and use what you love! Loving the Catalina ad.

I have 2 beauty salon chairs in the original red vinyl with silver metallic flecks - they are so cool - but soooo heavy.

Malisa said...

I want to take a spin in your chair!


Anonymous said...

Here is a question for you. Who cleans all of your fabulous finds?

trash talk said...

I bet your home is a luau for the eyes. Love the chair, reminds me of my grandmother's beauty shop. The original "sit and spin" chair. I would spin until I made myself dizzy in hers!
Love the life prserver ad. In fact,I just loved everything.

Sue said...

Stacey. . .the cleaning person's name is "Sue", so please don't look too close at the pix's! I'm sure you will see the dust. I do my best though!