Future's So Bright, Gotta Where Shades!

This is Josalyn, one of the coolest kids I know! She is four years old going on fourteen. Full of spunk and sass.Josalyn is Yesi & Victor's daughter. She has been hanging around Country Roads since she was a baby. Even earlier than Yesi, who started helping her big sister, Carol, when she was working at Country Roads. Yesi was about eight years old back in those days! Josalyn has a wicked sense of humor for a little kid. She can be hysterical at times. This is Josalyn back in the Fall of 2006. As you can see, she is in training learning her phone skills at Country Roads. I can't say this enough, Country Roads is all about family!

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trash talk said...

How cute is she...little receptionist-in-training. 'Course one of the first things girlies learn to do is talk on the phone...or are they born knowing how?