"Thou Shall Not Steal"

I believe, if I'm correct, as I try to remember my childhood Sunday school days, I think commandment number eight is "thou shall not steal". And in today's world, what happens when you do steal is pictured above. The police force you off the road, you are handcuffed, and the Orange Police department searches your car! A little background on the photos above. The two older ladies pictured above that are handcuffed on the side of the road, we have suspected them of shoplifting for years. But actually, if you are good at what you do, you don't get caught. Yesterday they were in Country Roads, again. And again, it was "sport" for them to steal. We all know who they are, but they are brazen enough not to care. On this particular day, "the boys" (Bryce & Tim) followed them after they went out an emergency exit at the store and the alarm went off. They watched these women drive to Watsons, go in the store and come out and load their car. The picture above is what they stole from our store in a very short period of time. It was pulled from their car after they were pulled over by the Orange PD. Apparently they enter the store with big, empty purses. Nothing personal, but I don't think I would risk jail for a stone & iron ant! After the two women left Watson's, they went over to Julep's. The box pictured above is part of what they stole there. Apparently they were preparing for the Christmas holiday. Bryce and Tim watched them load up their car time after time at Julep's. Thankfully, the Orange Police Department was right on top of this situation, and thankfully Bryce and Tim were able to track them down for the police to arrest. You know, if someone steals food because their family is homeless and there children have nothing to eat, in my opinion that is different. Or at least I understand it better. But when two old women are skilled in the profession of shoplifting and make a sport out of it, well maybe they should have paid more attention in Sunday school to Commandment #8, "thou shall not steal". Guess they will have some time to think about that!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Can you believe people? I'm so glad Tim,Bryce and the Police followed them! They won't be "shopping" any time soon!
Bad boys...
Bad boys...
What you gonna do
what you gonna do
when they come for you?
Bad Boys!!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

I've been in your sweet store as my friend TANZA has taken me there twice during my return visits to my native state. I wish I could tell you this story of shoplifting was new to me, sadly it isn't.

I use to manage a store similar to a Hallmark and an elderly woman use to come in all the time to just steal the greeting cards. They were 2/$1.00. I knew she was a thief..old or not. I finally caught her and you should have heard her sorry tale of woe...and the tears. Ohh those tears! Only flowed when she got CAUGHT!

We pressed charges but she got off. At least I never had to see her face again.

Next time I come to Cali I'll stop by AGAIN to tell you a big hello! LOVE YOUR STORE!


Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
Nooo ... say it ain't sooo ... not in good ole' sweet downtown Orange .. Right on !! for Tim and Bryce .. Hopefully they will get what they desserve .. THIEVES .. Did they have "because nice matters" on their bumper too ... yiyiyi ..some people .. So glad they got caught .. You have a happy, NO drama day today Sue ...See you soon I'm sure ..
hugs to you

Malisa said...

Like I told you on Facebook, when I come to your store, I am stuffing my s-t-r-e-t-c-h pants with huge architectural pieces! You will never know! :)


trash talk said...

Girl, I am too busy laughing at the mental picture I have of Mal right now in her stretch pants a la junk! Remind me when I come to visit not to mess with Starksy and Hutch...they don't play!
Maybe the ladies were hoping they'd get caught and handcuffed. Some people like handcuffs!

Jacque Ferreira said...

Makes me feel better about the ones that got away with stuff from my store! I love Malisa's stretch pants idea, but that "ant" could have been painful!

Teresa said...

DANG!! Hey maybe they'll do a version of "World's Dumbest - Old Ladies gone Wild!" And the little kiddies could see grandma on TV!

Kudos to Tim and Bryce!!