Caution: Christmas Is Rapidly Approaching!

We still haven't gotten the store decked out for the holidays. The time has flown by, especially the month of November! This is an awesome country, primitive cabinet. What you can't see in this picture is the old red paint inside the cupboard, which looks awesome with the chippy white paint on the outside! Great for the holiday season. Interested? Stop on by, we will happily load it up for you! This is the part of Country Roads that Rachel did her book signing at last week at this time. Now it's time to pull Christmas together in this area, which still isn't done yet. I'm not sure if our little fireplace will be working this year, as we try to get this new vignette set up. We could use some "warmth" in the store! Yesterday morning when I left for the store it was 59 degrees out. Let's remember, this is sunny SoCal and that is COLD in my opinion! Our "antlered" friend shines proudly as he helps bring in the holiday season at Country Roads. And a reminder before you get upset with the dead animal, I don't hunt, I don't eat meat, so please remember I did not shoot this poor creature myself nor did anyone else at Country Roads! We found him like this, minus the holiday decorations!I love the look of old winter sleds and skates in our displays. I decorate my own front porch at home with this type of display. Although I have to admit I tried skiing once, hated it, crashed my only toboggan ride down a hill into a tree, and to be real honest, I hate snow. But, I do love to display snow related fun stuff. With all this said, I should start getting ready to go to work. We've got to finish up our Christmas displays before Christmas sneaks up on us!


Malisa said...

You California girls and your apologies for animal heads! Those are family heirlooms in Texas! My antelope head gets gussied up every Christmas!


trash talk said...

The only thing I can see I would get out of skiing is a wet butt! I just got home from W&T's working on putting up Christmas and moving in new mdse. I'd like to say I'm finished....but I'm not!

Teresa said...

I'm with you Sue, it's been in the 60's and low 70's here, and that is too dang cold for me!

How could we get through the cold days without all of that glitter and bling? Country Roads is lookin' great, as always.

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