Alameda Flea Market

At the beginning of each month, Bryce heads up north with Tim & Lisa to the Alameda Flea Market. I've been after him to send me some photos. He finally sent a few. I believe he took these when it was time to pack up and head back home.

Not sure what the clown head display is all about, but I'm "guessing" this just might be Tim's! Maybe on the next trip, I can get Bryce to take some pixs of some of the displays other vendors have. One of these days, one of these months, I would like to take a week-end off and take up a road trip to visit my Country Roads family up at the flea market. Alameda is supposed to pretty awesome I hear. But for now, at least there are pictures!


trash talk said...

I could see Tim having something like that! I read somewhere and I can't remember where that the Alameda Antique Faire had been cancelled until further notice. Did I dream that?

Sue said...

No, it apparently was a rumor that was going around. And in turn, that "rumor" caused a low attendance at this past event. You gotta love this biz, you know!