Gifts From The Heart

This was a picture I used for my Christmas cards back in 1983. Bryce was two months old, Katie was almost two years old, and Brande was three. I posted this picture kind of as a reminder to all of us as we enter the holiday season this year. The world we are living in today has been a really financially tough one for so many. And I know it makes it worse that Christmas is around the corner, money is tight for many, and when it comes to buying gifts you may not be sure what to do. It's the "thought" that counts when it comes to Christmas, especially this year. A gift from the heart means so much more to people these days. Photos are a great gift, or handmade items that can be purchased really reasonable from sites like Etsy, or even at Country Roads too. We have many wonderful handmade things that are handmade, affordable and really nice. Just like when I said on my Thanksgiving post, "it's not about the food on the table, but the people who sit around the table", Christmas is the same way. It's not about how many presents you have under the tree, but it is the family and friends that you spend the time with around that Christmas tree! As I look at the picture of my little kids above, I remember their little smiles, and I don't have a clue what I got for Christmas that year! Why, because it is the simple things in life, like our babies smiles that will always be the greatest gifts of all, the things that we will always remember. It's another beautiful day here today, a bit chilly but beautiful just the same. I hope you all get to enjoy it!


Malisa said...

How cute! I must admit that Bryce looks a little traumatized by his big sisters in this photo! :) It is amazing how much Riley looks like her mother!!! I love your reminder that you don't remember what you got that Christmas. Isn't that the truth? We spend way too much time on looking for the perfect gifts instead of spending time on creating Christmas memories!


trash talk said...

You know it's funny, I don't remember either. I do remember having to be so careful with our money when the kids were small, but the funny thing is I always worried if it was enough and they can remember what they got for every year until now. I guess it is the thought and not the gift, huh?

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Bryce's face it's so funny!
You are right,we don't remember what we got as presents over the years,we just remember special moments and memories with our loved ones!
Beautiful weather here in CA!