Halloween Leftovers

Halloween started early for our two princesses: Josalyn & Arianna. They were on their way to the Santa Ana Zoo that was holding a Halloween Party!After a busy day at the store, it was time to "hit the streets" with my girls. After a quick dinner of Chinese takeout at Katie's house, myself, Katie, Justine, Riley & Morgan hit the streets of my old neighborhood to Trick or Treat! Vinnie was working, Brande was doing a concert fundraiser out by Palm Springs, and Bryce was up near San Francisco for the Alameda Flea Market today. It didn't seem quite the same without all of them. Riley wanted to take a brief moment to pose with her Jack-O-Lanterns, her favorite being Wow Wow Wuzzy! We took a moment to take a picture of Gramma's old kindergarten room at Patrick Henry Elementary School. Think they could afford some lights? Riley enjoyed herself this year, commenting on "how nice" people were that gave her candy. Morgan slept in her stroller the entire time, but there is always next year.Riley didn't think the people were "nice" at this house, although it was pretty cool!The entire front yard was totally decorated.After Riley's Halloween Pumpkin was full (although we found out at the end of the night she was dumping the candy in the bottom of Morgan's stroller to save). So, with another Halloween behind us, I add another page to that memory book of my heart. And always thankful to spend time with my family and "Gramma's Girls"!


trash talk said...

I wish I had a stroller to sleep in. The girls look precious in pink!
Send me your address so I can send you a little something.

delighted heart said...

congrats! You won over at Trash's. the girls are adorable! Sorry I've been gone so long!