Time to Decorate!

The totes came down from the loft yesterday, and it officially was time to decorate for Christmas!I always enjoy looking inside my totes at all the Christmas stuff I've collected over the years, talk about memories! I love how this little house looks when its dark and it lights up. Something simple that makes me smile! I always like to display my Christmas stuff in different places each year. Of course, when you are in this business of antiques, my stuff also changes every year. I love the Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments. I'm always fascinated that something so fragile, the bulbs and the boxes have survived all these years.I love the old hotel silver, which make great containers for Christmas displays. Every year I bring down the old punch bowl and loving cup and use them as the center piece on my harvest table. Some more old hotel silver mixed with some reproduction brush trees.I've still got more of my special little treasures to put up, and am anxious to do that. I love putting the Christmas stockings up. I still have the three stockings my own kids got as babies. My mom needle pointed them, or some other sewing type thing. And this year I get to add Morgan's stocking with the rest. I guess that is one of the reasons I love the holidays. It's family time filled with memories!


trash talk said...

OMGosh, we really do think with one mind. I collect hotel silver although recently I've started narrowing it down to mainly Dallas hotels like the Baker and Adolphus and selling the rest. I love the weight of it.
Hard to believe the shiny brites in a just a plain cardboard box survived all those years. The minute I touch one it breaks!
Love all your old Christmas memory makers and all the new ones you are creating!

Tanza said...

Ooohh .. I LoVe all your vintage, old sweet Christmas .. I bought some of these old ornaments yesterday at your store .. Can't EvEr have enough !! Everything is displayed so perfectly in your home !! Your home looks just like the store !! LoVe it ALL !! Happy decorating ~
hugs ~tanza~

Eugenia said...

I can always count on you for inspiration. Inspiration is what I really need this year.

I was trying to talk my husband in keeping our house dark this year but maybe he is rightn once I get the totes down I'll feel better.

Thank you for sharing your vintage goodness with us.