Things I Don't Need

I bought something yesterday that I totally did NOT need. But in this business of ours, often times it's not about the need, but about the "want"! It is an old metal milk grate from an old A&P market. On the bottom it's got some old wood slates to elevate it off the ground and some small holes for drainage inside. I'm still not sure what I'll do with it yet. Since the holidays are around the corner, maybe put some wood in it by the fireplace or some holiday greenry? The possibilites are endless. If anyone just demonstrated "it's not about the need, but about the want", it would be me. But, we must remember, Country Roads had this great sale this past week-end, and my treasure was on sale for 20% off! And in the worse case senerio, I can always resale it. But for now, it's at least sticking around through the holidays!


Junk Exchange said...

love the A&P basket - also i used to know a girl/lady who made signs like the hotel sign - lisagolightly - she did some great stuff - i think she lived out your way - love your blog - anxious to see how you inspire us this holiday season -


Anonymous said...
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trash talk said...

I would "need" that too! You're right...the possibilities are endless. I can see it attached to a wall with things just spilling over the edges in any room!
P.S. One thing I think I don't need is Viagra!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Everyone "needs" one of those...or one of the 1000 things we bring home!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

By the way...is the Viagra half off too?????