"You NEVER Had Any Umbrellas Mom"

As I sit here typing this blog and looking out the window at the rain pouring down, I have come to the realization I have NO umbrellas, and will get soaked walking from my car to Country Roads this morning. My son, Bryce, lives at my house with me and his wife, Justine. I KNOW I've loaned Bryce at least one, if not two umbrellas. So when I asked him about the said umbrellas this morning his reply was, "you never had any umbrellas Mom"! This is a statement that I know to be false. I had one in my car, a cute little purse sized umbrella and one in the hall closet. Now I have none.I know it doesn't rain a lot here, but I also think I may have purchased an umbrella here and ther! Just the other day, I was noticing that my supply of 99 cent steak knives I bought from Ikea a long time ago was dwindling down. I use to have at least 12 "said" steak knives, I swear. Now I have one single Ikea steak knife! So, I asked Bryce, "do you know where all the steak knives went"? His reply was, "you know, I've been wondering the same thing". I don't eat steak but it would be nice to have a sharp knife around for slicing my ahi. Ever since Bryce was a little kid, after he had done something very mischeivous, his responses were always classic!! Once when he was four years old, I noticed that his alarm clock light was off. So, I looked down to see if it was plugged in and it was. For some UNKNOWN reason the cord had been cut in half while it was STILL plugged into the electric socket! I questioned Bryce about it to which he replied, "the cat bit the cord in half". I had to give him the lecture about how dangerous it is to cut electric cords that are plugged into the electric sockets in the wall. How he will die and not live with me anymore but go live with God in heaven! Apparently it was all in vain. When he was five years old, and I was cooking dinner, I heard a loud crash, almost like an explosion. Apparently, five year old Bryce was trying to hook up the cable to his tv and it crashed to the floor. Another near death experience he and I survived! I know, umbrellas and steak knives are just stuff, and yes, I'm happy my son lives with me but sad he can never solve those mysteries of missing stuff!! So, I guess missing umbrellas and steak knives aren't the end of the world, I'll just make a trip to Ikea tomorrow to buy some more! And I also know there is a part of my dad living inside of Bryce just to keep me on my toes!

*A little postscript to the above: So as I'm getting all bundled up to walk out the front door and get soaked, by my keys is a brand new umbrella! My boy Bryce went out in the rain before I left and bought me a new umbrella!! You gotta love that kid, you know. I was very touched and who knows, maybe he'll pick up some steak knifes too.


delighted heart said...

Sorry you are out of steak knives and umbrellas! I love the story of your dad...What a sweet tribute to him and your mom. And Barbra....I don't believe that was random. That was a blessing sent from God to help you through that day! I'm having a little give a way..a book I've just read... tonight...stop by and leave me a comment about it and I'll put your name in the hat!
Have a great week!
Bless Ya and I hope it quits raining...then you won't need the umbrella!

trash talk said...

Maybe your knives and umbrellas have joined my socks in another realm outside of this one. Oh and spoons!!! I guess they really did run away with the dish! Aren't sons something else? Just when you think they aren't listening....they do the sweetest things! Gotta love 'em. Cute post. Debbie (P.S. You probably have a ton of vintage umbrellas like me that you don't want to get wet, right?)

Malisa said...

Aren't boys fun? It is a super compliment that your son went out and bought an umbrella for you! He must really love his mom! That's probably the closest you will ever get to an admission of guilt! :)