Mr. Wonderful & New Wife

  This is a picture of Mr. Wonderful (my ex-husband) Brande and Katie right after Bryce was born, a little over 25 years ago.Mr. Wonderful and New Wife became parents today of a new baby boy through the "miracles of modern medicine and money". Mr. Wonderful is 54 and New Wife is 48 years old. It is amazing what science can now manage to pull off these days. It is New Wife's first child. My feelings? Well, first, looking at the picture above reminds me, you really never know what your future holds. I always thought I would be married forever and looked forward to having a house full of little grandkids. I still have a house full of grandkids, so actually the only thing that changed is Mr.Wonderful isn't here so life is better for me. When Mr.Wonderful and I divorced ten years ago, he swore he never, ever wanted to get married again because basically I had ruined that whole marriage experience for him. Sorry Mr. Wonderful, although I didn't exactly see it that way. I remember about five years ago he flew everyone over to Maui for a his and New Wife's wedding. I woke up wondering that morning "how" I would feel. And I was surprised that I felt really nothing, it was just another day in my life. I was busy with Country Roads and obvioiusly a little shorthanded because my kids were gone and couldn't work at the store, but outside of that, I could have cared less. Today Mr. Wonderful and New Wife are new parents, and again, same thing, I really didn't feel anything. I did ask Katie if the baby was healthy, to which he is, which I'm grateful for. I do have some resentment that so much money was spent "through the miracles of modern medicine" to bring this child into the world. As we all know, there are so many babies in this world that need good homes. Also, since recently seeing Slumdog Millionare, I'm even more sensitive to children living in extreme poverty in our world. But when it gets right down to it, what Mr.Wonderful and New Wife have done is really none of my business, so be it! I'm glad the baby is healthy, but outside of that, and I have to be honest, I thought I would have a whole LOT more to say, but I don't. My life will continue to be full of those I love and I hope to keep growing as a person and to Mr.Wonderful, New Wife, and baby William, I wish you well. Okay, I do have to say this,just one small thing "what in the hell were you thinking"?
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Malisa said...

As we say in the South (when we really want to say fuck you)..."bless their hearts"! I am glad that the baby is healthy, but the poor baby will be growing up with the oldest parents in town! Let's see, when the child graduates from high school, dad will be 72 and mom will be 68! Wow! Hell, when he starts school, dad will be 61 and and mom will be 55...the same age as his classmates grandparents! Poor little boy!

On the bright side, I see where all your kids live! Close to Mama! That says it all!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

At least they didn't have 8 like " Mrs Wonderful".

Glad your life is full and feel sorry for that kid to grow up with old parents.Is hard enough to take care of old parents when you are an adult I can't imagine growing up that way!
take care.

The Texas Woman said...

I jumped over from Moonlight wondering what this was all about and I can't stop laughing...at them. Imagine how often that little boy will have to correct people who call them his grandparents. Oh, the hell they'll be going through when he's 16 and they're too old to handle it all. LOL. One has to wonder if Mr. Wonderful nee Dearly Beloved will stil be around. But you'd know more about that than I would!

I just hope the nursing home wheels him to the kid's high school graduation.

I'm glad your mind is at ease. I just read Malisa's comment to my hubba hubba and he's shaking his head. "That man's crazy!" he said. But there again you'd know more about that than he would!

The Texas Woman

delighted heart said...

I'm so glad you shared that with us and got it out of your system! :=) Please don't let his life and choices poison yours. You have so much more going for you! I mean you have an awesome business...it's not just anybody that can run a antique mall as long as you have and be that dang good at it! You are so blessed with all your friends and customers and that precious family. That little Riley is just too cute! Always love seeing photos of her. Hope this doesn't sound like a lecture...I'm on your side! I do feel sorry for the little boy...glad he is healthy.
Bless him, them and bless you.

Sweet Lady said...

Ok, just for the record, I'm going to be saying "bless their hearts" way more often. I loved this post! The whole story, and the picture at the top. Great stuff!