Movin' A Historic House!

My store, Country Roads is in Old Towne Orange, CA. It's an historic area, and a beautiful place filled with the most awesome historic homes. In a disposable world, this little Old Towne area takes great care in preserving the past. Yesterday they actually moved a historic home to a different location. If this isn't preservation, then I don't know how else you could define that word. Our little Old Towne area is filled with family businesses, such as mine. I'm glad to be a part of this community where they value history, things from the past, and they don't allow them to be destroyed or become disposable. And with all that is going on in the world today, I hope with all my heart that all of our family businesses continue to thrive here in Old Towne Orange! This is what our country was founded on, these values, these little businesses are an important part of our roots, our culture. And when I see such great efforts made to move a house, like Louie Armstrong's song, "I think to myself what a wonderful world it is".(photo from the OC Register online)


Malisa said...

I want that house! It is a beautiful old house. How much would a house like that cost in California? I am bracing myself...go ahead...tell me!


Malisa said...

You must be located in a very special neighborhood! You work with family and your neighborhood is an extended family! How special! You are a lucky woman and I am sure your lovely business will continue to grow and flourish! You have the right spirit!


delighted heart said...

WOW! I love the house too! And you got such an awesome shot of it! The lighting...the people...it looks like a still from a movie! You are quite the professional with your camera! Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for keeping an eye out for some trophies for me. I was thinking somewhere under 100...like way under if I can find any! Just let me know if any come into your store. Thanks!

Sue said...

It is an awesome house! And I wish I took this picture but it came from the OC Register online. They are the professional photographers, not me, especially with my camera! Not sure how much these houses cost now in todays market, I'm guessing around $800,000 to start!!

Barntiques said...

I don't think you should fret. The town is adorable. People look for destinations like yours. It comforts us, especially in our time of difficulties. Our shop is in our old barn and it brings people back to a simpler and memorable time. The big box stores can't compare to the genuine love and compassion that the mom and pop shops have. How many times I have asked how a family member was or where they were and it really changes the customers face and personality. I tend to ramble. Sorry, Love the blog, love the store, love the love that can be felt.