Meet My Bestfriend!

Country Roads is like my family, my best friend, so to speak. It's been there in the best of times and in the worse of times and never has let me down. I wanted to let you step inside and meet my best friend!
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Anonymous said...

Awesome slide show, I like everything your 'Best' friend has to offer!

Jacque said...

Loved the tour, not so sure about the mascot! That was fun everything looks just great, something for everyone, that is what I always liked about Country Roads, I could go with a group of ladies with different taste and we would all love it. ~Jacque

Malisa said...

Meeting your best friend was the highlight of my day! I can see why she is your best friend! She is beautiful, diverse, interesting and full of charm! I am more determined than ever to pay a visit!

Thanks so much for being there the last week! I do appreciate you!