Labor Day Sale Preview

Yesterday the Street Faire was pretty mellow. Actually one of the mellowest Street Faire days I've ever worked. Of course by my typing those words I've probably just jinxed myself. And of course today is 
"BSC Sunday" and if that wasn't enough with the Street Faire going on, there was a really big full moon last night! Wish us luck today because I think we may need it. Tomorrow is our big sale, and I only had time to snap a few pictures yesterday at the end of the day. I just wanted you to take a peek at some of our eye candy we have in Country Roads right now!

Okay, wish us luck today, because I have a gut feeling we are going to need it! And come on down tomorrow when there is plenty of free parking, NO crowds, NO Street Faire, just lots of great stuff on sale at Country Roads!


Maureen said...

Good luck with the sale....and BSC Sunday!

marcela cavaglieri said...

I'm missing the sale for the first time this year! Hope its a good one. Sell a lot!