Country Roads "Hot" Eye Candy

It is kind of hard to believe, but I'm not complaining, but we've been really busy during this lovely extended heat wave of ours.  We all just want to sincerely "thank you" for stopping by to see us. This morning I just wanted to post a few pictures of things I had a few minutes to take pictures of. I've always, and probably always will, be a big fan of folk art and old signs. The sign above I absolutely love! The old writing and arrow are great. Here are a few more things that caught my eye!

We've got a/c and a lot of square feet to browse and cool off in here at Country Roads. If you are looking for something to do, please be sure to put us on your list! We would love to see you.


Faded Charm said...

You do have a great eye!!! Love everything you share with us and would love to be surrounded with such beauties every day:-)

Stay cool. We've been warm here as well, but you know I'm not complaining cause that cool rainy weather will come and never go away!


Genie said...

This week I finish a very important class for my MPA. My #1 reward will be a visit to Country Roads. With the fall planting season fast approaching I will be visiting out back in the garden, too.

The economic crisis has dragged on for too long. Most of us are just adapting and buying a treat once in a while.

Your fan,