Vintage Halloween

One of my favorite things in my house is the old green stepback cupboard in the picture above. It has great color and everything about it has always made it a favorite of mine. I keep all my vintage jack 'o lanterns in this cupboard.  We have had an exceptionally HOT couple of months here in sunny SoCal. There other day I deciding to put together some little vignettes around my house to remind myself  that cooler days are around the corner! 

I love the "pumpkin" sticks above. I don't know the botanical name for them, but I've always love when I see them at Trader Joe's. It is a reminder that all the things I love about Fall are just around the corner. The pumpkin sticks stay fresh for quite awhile if you change the water and have great color as well . Right now at Country Roads we have a lot of holiday merchandise in. And that includes Christmas as well. Unfortunately, we don't get many of the old jack 'o lanterns in anymore. They've gotten harder and harder to find. I hope you all have a great day and stop by and see us soon!


Kate said...

Love all of your vintage Halloween! Its look great with the cabinet. See you soon at our favorite PLACE!!!


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

What a great collection! And no kidding old Halloween is getting harder and harder to find. It's never been easy around here. I love your green cupboard, too. I understand why it's one of your favorite pieces.

Unknown said...

Love that green cupboard too!
It also goes great with the orange of your vintage collection.

Recycled Rita said...

I Loooove all those old paper mache jacks! Halloween is my favorite! Your green cupboard is wonderful too! See ya Saturday!

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh how I love your vintage jack o'lanterns! I think I have told you the story about how I collected them for years finding them for .99 in thrifts years and years ago.
Then I packed them away in my moms basement when I moved across country and someone in my family got rid of them :(
I still cry to this day.
Now they are so darn expensive I can't possibly replace what I had.