Fall Eye Candy!

Today it has felt more like Fall here at Country Roads. One of the cooler days we've had in some time and it reminds me that the cooler days and colors of Fall or just around the corner, we really hope!

Even though the flowers above aren't "real" the do have wonderful color on them.

I love this time of year when we can decorate our porches, yards and houses with pumpkins and all the good stuff that goes with it. If you haven't been in Country Roads lately, I put together a little slide show for you. If you should happen to see something that catches your eye, give us a call here at the store, 1-714-532-3041. We would be more than happy to let you pay for it over the phone, and if you need it shipped we will get back to you on the additional cost of that.  So, here's hoping the slide show works as it should. . .

click HERE to play the slide show


Kate said...

Dear Sue
SO happy to welcome in the Fall season and to enjoy being a part of your amazing Country Roads family. Its our favorite place for sure!

see you soon

The Boston Lady said...

Cooler in the valley here today too! Finally got the windows open! Love looking at all those goodies. Ann

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, I hope to make the drive down there with daughter and DIL tomorrow, Friday. If not then, AFTER this Carmageddon thing. Ann