When You Get It!

Country Roads is such a big part of me and my family. As our 20th year mark lingers around the corner, I feel so good when I know just how far we have come in all of these years. The group of talent I have here right now at CR has some of the best I've ever had over the years.  Seriously. One of my personal favorites is Sue Lennon. There are a variety of reasons why, but the main reason is that Sue is an original. Her displays, vignettes, and talent are not only wonderful, but different than any other areas of Country Roads. Sue has a lot of lighting in her space right now that is also different from the rest. Take a look at her freshly re-displayed little corner at CR.

Besides Sue's lighting, I also love her furniture. They have a great look and I have a couple of pieces. I have to say at first, I was a bit concerned to bring home "white" or off white furniture. But I have to tell you that the other night when my grandson Bodhi took off running across my house with a chocolate ice cream bar in his hand and dived into my couch with the ice cream, I cringed. But you know, I took some warm water and it came right out.  I hope you will find some time to come down and visit us. Each and every day there is always something "new & exciting" showing up here at Country Roads!


georgi said...

Very nice Antiques blog...classy! Will look you up on Pinterest & Twitter...I do promote things I like. :)

marcela cavaglieri said...

Oh My gosh how i love the couch and the chairs!!! When You show spaces i play to recognize them inside the store, and i allways get it! 20 years of visiting, how can i not????