Movin' Around!

For those of you that shop with us, or read this blog, you know we are always doing a lot of movin' around at Country Roads. What can start with one dealer scaling down, can mean that another dealer decides to take on just a bit more space! As you can see in the pictures below. And I want to blame my camera for the blurry shots, but I think it was a "user" error! Sorry.

All the "stuff" above, I will confess is mine! Sadly, I didn't go on a buying trip, I just got busy in my house and garage. About ten years or so, after I divorced I said "bye-bye" to the big fancy house and moved into a regular house in a regular neighborhood. My house isn't huge but it DOES have a lot of room for me to add too much stuff in it! The time has come to "let go" of some of my stuff!!!  So, with the assistance of my boy Bryce, he is helping me set up in a new location at CR. I've got more to bring in and even more to price. Thankfully Carol will be back at work on Sunday. She is so good at helping me price stuff. I'm not the only one that has been movin' stuff into the store. Right now, the store looks so good. Stop by and see us this week-end! Take care.


ginny said...


love your stuff!!!!!!!

Sue said...


maybe because we both love the same stuff!!!!

Prior said...

Always love a look at the store, that red game wheel is amazing...sure wish I could visit in person.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I was thinking as I was scrolling down, "wow who's space is this?? Such cool stuff!!" LOL

Wish I had a place for that old pinball machine!!!

trash talk said...

You are going to sell out...fast!

Malisa said...

You put a photo of a sign that says GOLDEN COCK INN and expect me to say nothing? Really? I am holding my hand over my mouth right now! I gotta go before I say something that I regret! :)