Vintage Inspiration Friday

This week I'm linking up with one of the most kind and big hearted person I know, Debra for "Vintage Inspiration Friday". I have been home the past couple of day babysitting my little grandkids and thinking to myself, "where did ALL this stuff come from"? I think when you are in this business of "junk", you just can't help yourself. And I KNOW I'm not the only one that has little vignettes in my own home like I do at the store. It's kind of like we just can't help ourselves. If someone has turned something of mine in a different direction, I WILL know and have to fix it. Here are some of my favorite "in house vignettes"!

I have a collection of little drawers. This little box of drawers is one of my favorites because on the top of it is a pair of a little boy cowboy boots. Those boots belong to my son Bryce. As you know, he is the youngest and has two older sisters. My Mom, being born & raised in Texas, and a die hard Texan, rushed out as soon as she could to the only store that sold western merchandise so she could buy Bryce his first pair of cowboy boots! That just made me think, maybe in her memory, I should go out and buy my grandson Bo a pair of cowboy boots as well? Hope you all have a very "vintage inspirtational" week-end, and if you are looking for some great vintage shopping, you know where to find us, Country Roads! Always your favorite, never the same! Take care.


Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
I ALWAYS LoVe to peek in to see what you are sharing ... You have the most amazing treasures in your warm, comfortable home .. I Sooo feel like I am in your store !! Wonderful, vintage pieces everywhere !! LoVe the cowboy boot story !! Very sweet !! And, YeS !! I think handsome Bo needs some boots too !! He is adorable, and looks just like HiS Momma !! Beautiful girls too .. How blessed you are to stay home and share happy times with them ..

Thanks for always sharing beautiful .. Sooo FuN to visit you .. Have a wonderful, happy week-end at the store ~
Hugs ~Tanza~

Bohemian said...

Oh Sue, I'm loving your in-house vignettes... you have an amazing collection of beautiful Treasures! I imagine so many wonderful stories accompany each piece!!!???

Dawn... The Bohemian

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Sue , great things. Cute little drawers and the tins are wonderful! judy

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I love these pictures, especially the glove molds and the little drawers. All your treasures make me want to go out shopping.
Thanks for the inspiration;-)

Malisa said...

Yes, yes, yes...Bo needs his own boots! I bet Morgan would look cute in her Daddy's boots! That little top hat needs to be in my house!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Sue I love all your collections ... Wow those drawers are beautiful ..and how nice to have Bryce's boots !

Blessings ..Sara

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Grandma you must have the most funnest house! How great that your grandkids will have all this color, texture, history to grow up amongst. I personally love the Elsie stuff and the glove forms! These are things that people just don't see anymore and don't know what they are or why they exist. Funnest, Grandma, funnest! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope to stop by CRA in August when we visit the kids. Ann

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Sue, I'm giving you a "hand" for this post!!!! Love all your in house vignettes, especially the Jackson Cracker box, How fun!!! Thanks for linking up with the party!!