This & That Saturday

I had "really" big plans yesterday of taking a whole bunch of pictures at Country Roads. Sadly, my camera battery died, but not before I had a chance to take a few pictures of our many different looks at "the store"! Our goal this year at CR is "steppin up our game" which means we are all united in bringing only the best of the best merchandise, displays, product, and customer service to you all this year! Here are a few examples below.

And for all you gardeners, "JUST IN", yesterday a big order arrived from Annie's Annuals! Johnny Merle's Garden & Nursery out back is busy displaying all the latest from Annie's. As the gardeners out there know, these plants sell out pretty quickly. Stop by JM's BLOG later today to see some photos of what we now have in. I'm looking forward to seeing you this week-end, take care!


Vintage Market Place said...

I know your pain, Rudy just got me a new camera and it is only battery operated. UGH already in the short few weeks of having it I have replaced the batteries twice.
I miss my rechargeable one. So bad for the earth to have this battery sucking thing.
Store looks great and wish I could be a gardener, tried it last year with devastating allergic results, lol
Take care

Sue said...

Thankfully by battery re-charges. I just didn't have the charger with me at the store yesterday!

time worn interiors said...

I thought you guys already did the best of the best all the time! Can it get any better? To bad about the camera battery! Maybe next time!

trash talk said...

Your dealers are the BEST of the best.
I think I need to recharge MY batteries....not my camera's!

Teresa said...

Can I just tell you how bad I want that antique dress form??? I am jonesin' for that thing so bad! I've seen several in your store over the last year or so, and I swear, I just swoon when I see one. Tell you something too... just as soon as I nail my ex in the wallet, you're gonna be shipping one to Georgia!