My Other Job

I spend Wednesday & Thursday taking care and having fun with my "little ones"! If you don't care for little kids, then this is not the blog post for you, it's a total Gramma post! Taking care of little ones under five keeps you pretty busy. Bodhi is teething so all of his pictures have drool, he can't help himself. I would have loved to got a picture of all three of my babies together, but as you can see below, it wasn't going to happen. So, here are some shots taken at my "other job" which by the way I love!

Tomorrow I go back to my regular job at CR. As many of you know, we welcome strollers and little kids and dogs at Country Roads. We are just "that" kind of store. I'm always anxious to return to "the store" after being off because everything changes so much. I'll have new pictures of new looks this week-end. Speaking of that, hope to see you then! Take care.


trash talk said...

Seriously Sue...are you taking care of them or are they taking care of you. There is no Pilates class that can deliver a workout like three little ones...and they're good for your heart!

Miss Gracie's House said...

That is the *best* job there is...so much love there...those little faces made me smile this morning!

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Sue, I wish I had a job like that! Great pictures from a great grandma! Love the "box head" and "thumbsucker" and of course, the attempt at getting all three to sit for a picture. Precious. Ann

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Who is watching who????? LOL!!!
I've being sick as a dog but I'll be there tomorrow to do my space before I take off to Argentina, see you then!

Kate said...

The babies are getting so big so quickly!!! Great photos of them so vey sweet. Enjoy your day back at the store and the beautiful weather we are having!


Boogieboard Cottage said...

You must have a lot of energy! But of course loving what you do, is the key! It looks like everyone had a very fun time at Grandma's house, the picture of Bodhi napping is truely adorable. What sweet group of Grand kids to be blessed with! Mary :O)

Vintage Market Place said...

omg sue they are just adorable,
love that second pic of all of them moving in the chair. So funny.
Every picture shows how happy they are.
I know how you feel at the end of the day and I only have one. LOL
See you soon

Malisa said...

You lucky woman, you! All that baby lovin' has got to be heaven! I am sending you a big case of Geritol! :)

Annie Louise said...

Thanks for posting such fun photos. Beautiful, adorable and funny. Love those little feet and so sweet of Bo sleeping :)
Your grandchildren are so beautiful and lucky to have you for a Grandma.

Lisa Loria said...

Cute as can be Sue!
You must be WIPED out on those days!
How much Fun!
I am looking forward to my Grandson being a bit bigger.
I LOVE toddlers!