My Love Of The Beat Up Stuff!

On Wednesdays & Thursdays I babysit Riley & Bodhi. And since Morgan (along with Bryce & Justine) live with me, these two days are filled with lots of love for me. Usually I hang out in my bedroom. I have an old glider that I've rocked all my grandkids to sleep in, plus it's the only room in my house that has carpet. So, while sitting in there today with the kids, I was "really" looking at my stuff! Come on, we all have stuff in this business! I realized how very much I REALLY love the beat up stuff! The more worn out, chippy, rusty, beat up, the better I love it!

Riley was helping me take pictures of my stuff while my baby boy Bo napped. I was lucky to get this picture of them right after he woke up! All of my beat up stuff in my bedroom I've had forever. And I remember exactly where most of it came from! I know that you know, there really are some things that are just priceless, like "our stuff" and my grandbabies smiles!!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Your babies are getting so big! Love seeing all your great things, which is priceless. The good stuff is hard to find at a great price. Happy Thursday, T

Mary said...

I can't believe how fast Bo is growing, great picture of him and Riley! I always enjoy seeing all your cool stuff you've got. Take care, Mary :O)

gail said...

I absolutely LOVE that heart mouldingy thingy....it's not for sale is it?

Vintage Market Place said...

Right there with ya Sue, the more beat up, tattered, worn out my heart beats faster for it.
All of your stuff looks fabulous including those GK! Wow, your Bo is really looking so bigger boy. Adorable pic, I have a few pics that I love that were taken at my grandma's house when I was the age of Riley and they are my favorites. They remind me of the fun I had with her.
I am sure your GB will look back when they are older and say oh remember all the fun we had with grandma that day. It is great that you take all these pics for them to grow up with.
Now go have fun with those babies

FourSistersInACottage said...

Love the old chippy crusty stuff...the aqua and pink pieces are my favorite....lucky you for having grand babies to love!!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters, and not a grandma yet)

Lisa Loria said...

LOVE the Pink and Aqua...and your adorable grandbabies!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Sue they are so cute!! Always loved those few moments after a nap when they are so cuddly!

Love your beat up stuff too!!

Malisa said...

Love,love,love that picture of Bo and Riley! They are SO cute! Bo's little cheeks are so red from his nap. Just precious!

Heidi said...

So much yummy stuff ~ including those babies!