Behind Glass

Sometimes the best stuff at Country Roads is all locked up behind glass doors. I've got a few pictures below to illustrate my point. Enjoy!

These pictures came from Tim & Lisa's case. It is kind of a sad reality, that so many smalls and expensive items have to be locked up. I guess that is just the reality of our world today. Even sadder is when the "professionals" are still able to get into the cases. And yes, that's happened to us, and I know the rest of you in this business go through the same thing. But with that said, sometimes the glass does make the "eye candy" look even that more delicious!!


Maureen said...

I love this stuff. I just found a beautiful crystal rosary with a very ornate cross. When I got home and pulled out my trusty magnifying glass I found that it's sterling too!

Vintage Market Place said...

love it all!
I really love smalls and I pass on so many of them because I don't want to bother stores to come open cases.
Sounds silly but I always feel bad for asking.
Love the baby head mold, my brother just got one for his collection when I was home. Now those are super odd.
Great pics of the store.
I hopefully will be on my way there soon. :)

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Very inspiring Sue. Have a great weekend. Ciao Rita mammabellarte