Summer Whites

With Memorial Day a thing of the past, and Country Roads big holiday sale over, I'm ready for Summer and Summer Whites! I've noticed quite a few things lately that remind me of Summer. Even the globe below makes me think of Summer and the places so many people will be headed. Here are a few more of my favorite whites for "White Wednesday"!

I saw this sign the other day in Cathy Jarrell's little area at Country Roads. I loved it right away, and actually it did remind me of everything Cathy has been through. We've both have been in business about the same number of years. Last year, right before Christmas, her shop, The Vintage Lady, caught on fire and burned down. She lost everything. Cathy had emailed me and was wondering if I had any space opening up that she could rent. We very seldom have space available at Country Roads but for some reason, which I know it was meant to me, I had a space that was going to become available in January, the perfect timing for Cathy. Since then, I've watched her create stunning displays, and she has one of the greenest thumbs I've ever seen, just like my oldest daughter Brande. The area I had available for Cathy was in my favorite building where all the old used brick is exposed which just adds so much warmth and charm. I saw this sign Cathy had for sale the other day, and I knew I had to have it. Five little words that speak volumes about life. As I was walking away, I saw Cathy and mentioned to her that I was buying her sign. With that smile that she has never lost, she said, "just take it" and enjoy! Life is all about how we look at it and about being positive and never, ever losing that faith that things happen for a reason and we will all be just fine! Have a great "White Wednesday" and don't forget to go visit my friend, Kathleen,who brings us all together each and every Wednesday! Take care. 


Malisa said...

You, my bff, have taught me everything about faith and hanging on! I so appreciate you!


Cindy said...

What a heart touching story! "Love is all we need" indeed!