Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint!

The amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It has been a very long time since I've seen anything so popular that everyone just has to have it. I feel very proud that one of Annie's reps, Debbie Cooper, chose to sell the Chalk Paint here at Country Roads. Debbie, like many of us, is busy! For those of us that are self employed, we know exactly what that means. About a month ago Debbie took on a much bigger space here at Country Roads. And she's been working SO hard to put it all together for you! Take a look.

The best thing about Debbie having a larger space is that she can display and sell furniture that has been painted with the Chalk Paint. She's also take the time to paint several boards in a variety of Chalk Paint colors, and hang them way up high so you can have a better idea what the colors look like.  Friday afternoon I saw Debbie on the floor! Yes, the floor. And what was she doing? Writing a few French words on the concrete floor for all of you. And also as a test to see how well the paint would hold up with all the foot traffic we get here at Country Roads. It's going to be another beautiful day in Old Towne Orange. I hope you find some time to stop by and pay us a visit! Take care.


Maureen said...

Her space looks beautiful.

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, I love how she showcased the paint with examples. I am still a newbie with the paint, but love it. Ann

Miss Gracie's House said...

I bet that will be good for business! I love her displays...especially the hanging paint buckets...that made me smile:)
I also loved seeing the architectural pieces from your home a few posts down...you have some great pieces!

Patina said...

Debbie ROCKS!!!!!!

Deborah Cooper said...

Thanks so much Sue. Best business decision I could have made! You guys are the best!