Johnnye Merle Gardens

Johnnye Merle Gardens always holds a place in my heart. My oldest daughter, Brande, opened this little nursery that sits behind Country Roads, my store. Johnnye Merle was my Mom, and Brande's Gramma. I couldn't think of any better way to remember my Mom than just to step outside and surround myself with what my Mom loved, flowers and plants. Her favorites were her beloved Bluebonnets. She missed them so much after she left Texas and moved out here. These are some of the pictures I took while thinking of my Mom the other day.

 What I love best about the garden is that Brande displays from different types of props. Whether it be an old bathtub, pallets, or discarded appliances everything makes you want to sit a spell. Right now there are plenty of succulents and Annie's Annuals available along with other great stuff as well.  And if you are looking for a place to just get away from everyday life, take a visit out back in Johnnye Merle's. It would make my Mom happy!!

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be sure to stop by a pay a visit and see some beautiful gardens as well!

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Recycled Rita said...

I love to wander thru the garden in back... Your mom had a great name!
see ya saturday! karen...