White Wednesday & A Slide Show!

As much as I've been enjoying our CA sunshine and warm weather, it has also been a realization to me as to just how very fast this year is going by! I so, so crave just a bit of down time to relax and enjoy this great weather of ours. Hopefully I will be finding that time a bit later in the week. Today, I've got my "White Wednesday" eye candy from my favorite place, Country Roads. But there is an added plus to this blog post. Down at the bottom of the post I have a link that goes to my Country Roads slide show. But before that, I wanted to share some of my favorite "whites" for "White Wednesday"!

Kathleen has been so gracious in hosting our "White Wednesday" blog posts.  And when you have time, please take a few minutes to hit that little "click here" link below. It took me awhile to get my slide show put together, but I finally did it. I hope you like the music as well. It is from Jack Johnson, one of my favorite artists ever! He just released a new live album he performed at his fund raiser! So,  hit the "click here" enjoy some my Country Roads Family's eye candy!  Take care.

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marcela cavaglieri said...

Just stopping to say Hi....now I have a video to watch!!!!