White Wednesday at Home

On this "White Wednesday" I've got some pictures of my favorite white architectural pieces around my home. I have this obsession, this love affair, this desire to be surrounded by the old chippy white painted architectural elements. I think my love affair with them is because I know if they could talk, they would have great stories to tell. Some pieces may have graced the entrances to beautiful homes while others may have been a part of great old historic buildings. Anyway, here a few of my favorites!

I also love old advertising pieces, like the one above for Norwich Suntan Oil. Many times the old advertising comes with that same patina and appeal as the architectural stuff I love so much! Please be sure to stop by my friend, Kathleen's blog!! She also shares the greatest pictures on her White Wednesday posts, and has a big list of "eye candy" you can go visit as well!!


marcela cavaglieri said...

When I was at your house I had this thought of "She has probably the BEST architectural pieces ever!!!"...and I was sooooooo right!!!!

Sue said...

Thank you my friend! I so, so miss you. It does give me some comfort knowing that you are so happy in Buenos Aries (did I spell it right)? We have a dealer in the third building named from Argentina. She has a really heavy accent but she reminds me so much of you!! Marina is my Marcela fix. . . .

Malisa said...

OMG! Every one of your photos is so great! I want it all! Is that possible?

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

You have some stunning pieces. I can see why they live with you.

Irma@CosasBellas said...

It is like "chippy heaven"!
Are those vintage swimming caps on those hooks? They make me smile!!!
Thanks for visiting and following my blog and for leaving such a nice comment.


blossoms vintage chic said...

Hey Sue, All your chippy is so wonderful!
Love all your photos...but my favorite is, the iron piece that your beautiful piece of coral is sitting in...What is it??
Have a great day!