Memories of My Mom

Today I not only think of my Mom, but all of us that know in our hearts how much being a Mom means. I don't think I've ever truly known real love until I became a Mom. Here's a few of my favorite pictures of my Mom!

And this was me, too many years ago with Brande, my first born. It was then that I truly understood how beautiful and wonderful being a Mom really is! Happy Mother's Day!


Genie said...

Happy Mother's Day. Being a mom is the only thing I have stuck to and loved for nearly 25 years.
Every day I give thanks.

trash talk said...

Your mother's dimples are precious...so are your memories.

Malisa said...

You are one of the best moms ever! Evidently, you were raised by one of the best moms also! I assume Katie has followed in your footsteps.