Her Own Kind of Style

What I love best about Sue Lennon is that she has her own kind of style. In this business of ours, it goes through different things that become popular and you see a lot of it. When Sue comes in, I'm always anxious to see what she has done because it is always a bit outside of the box which makes it that much more interesting. Here a few photos that I had time to snap. Not the best, since we have been so busy at Country Roads and I didn't have much time.  But it gives you an idea what I'm taking about.

Sue always makes the time for attention to detail. From her lighting techniques to her vignettes, when you take a look at what she has done, there is no way you can just walk on by without stopping to stare!


Pent-Up Photos said...

Sue's space is amazing! You are lucky to have such a talented vendor and she is lucky to have such a caring "boss lady"!

Sue said...

No, I'm not the boss lady! My CR Family is what makes the store what it is today!! We all work together as one ;0)

Kim said...

we too love her industrial "zone" purchased an amazing drafting table and light as well as other small items last summer ;-)