White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday to you all! With Christmas getting nearer and nearer,  I wanted to share some of my outside "whites" at my home, mixed with a bit of red!  I came home exhausted on Sunday night from working a very busy week-end at Country Roads. And Brande had surprised me while I was working by hauling down all my outdoor Christmas stuff and lights that were stored in the garage and decorated the outside of the house!

I think it's kind of funny that the more my picket fence ages, and gets that old, crackly look, the better I like it!  I hope you all are enjoying the season and remember to take time for the little things! They are more important than we realize at times!  And be sure to stop by and pay Kathleen a visit on this White Wednesday! Take care.


Unknown said...

Everything looks great.
Try to find sometime to relax and enjoy.
I know, easier said than done this time of year, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
It looks really wonderful and festive!! That was so thoughtful of Brandi!!
Hope your having a wonderful day.

Pent-Up Photos said...

How come wooden objects can get old and crackly and only improve while we get old and crackly and don't like it? Hmmm. Kudos to Brande for helping her mom out and doing a good job of it! Ask Brande if she wants to come visit my house!


Genie said...

Ho Ho Ho.. It all looks lovely.

blossoms vintage chic said...

Oh My Goodness Sue,
That was the best gift!! Brandi is the sweetest...Now, can you send her over to help Larry decorate my house?? I'm sure she would have a great time...LOL!!
Hope you're enjoying your evening admiring all your wonderful decorations!

The Boston Lady said...

What a great surprise, especially after a long day of work. Is that a penguin? Love it! Ann