Thursday at Country Roads

I had an early morning meeting in Old Towne this morning, and it was just hard to get up! It's cold here!! Yes, I know it is a lot colder in other places but it is really cold for us that live here in SoCal!! tt was tough to get up this morning and out of my warm bed. Then of course, I need gas. The gas station by my house had all the pumps closed??? I have NO idea why. So, I head out to another gas station nearby and my debit card won't swipe. Now I've got to go into the gas station, and just add more time to my already rushed morning! Anyway, after the meeting, I spent a bit of time at Country Roads before heading back home. I quickly took some pictures, and as always, I'm amazed at how much changes at "the store" in just a few days!

Believe me, there are many more changes than just the few photos above. I just didn't have time to take more pictures. There is never such a thing as just "stopping by" Country Roads. Whether you are a customer, a dealer there, you work there, or as in my case, it is your store, there is just so much good stuff to look at that it's tough to pull yourself away!! Hope to see you soon!


Vintage Market Place said...

Its so true,
I can just do circles in that store for hours and still see something new on every pass by
Take care

trash talk said...

I'm loving the black skates.