Another "Little" Makeover!

I came into "the store" today to take some pictures. Some of you may know that soon you will be able to shop at Country Roads "online"! Yes, I've taken our store to the web so we can have many of you join our Country Roads family of customers, regardless of where you live! It's getting close to being open for business, I just want to post some more pictures on it before I start promoting it. Anyway, while doing my picture taking for the web, I also snapped a few of the store. I can be away for a day or two, I come back in, and things are all changed around. Tonight I just wanted to share what the talented Cyndy has done. She has a magical touch as is: she paints, sews, upholsterer's furniture, and has a regular job as well. She also has a lot of real estate here at Country Roads. This is her little porch area, on the way to the garden. It always, seriously, without fail, looks so good! Here are more pictures of her little makeover!

I had another love affair moment today while taking pictures. I am now deeply and so in love with this off white little industrial cabinet. There is just something special about it that is calling my name. Although I don't need it, we all know it's never about the "need", just about the "want"! I hope you all of a wonderful week-end, and hey, stop by and see us! Country Roads is lookin' pretty good if I don't say so myself!!


time worn interiors said...

You better get those drawers! They are awesome! I like them as well. If I lived near your shop I would be in trouble all the time!

Pent-Up Photos said...

Is it bad when we are in love with the same person...I mean thing?! Wow, those drawers are awesome! The whole space is awesome! If I were you, I would have a broken shutter finger because I would be snapping photos all the time!


Unknown said...

Hello - I live in Western North Carolina and found you on Pinterest (which, to me, is very frustrating since there is not a method of purchasing something you love). I have been trying to find out where your store is located and if people can purchase from you online. What is your website or are you only a brick and mortar store? Thank you !