White Wednesday

It is definitely Christmas at my store, Country Roads. It's a nice feeling to be surrounded by so many beautiful things while I work. I thought I would share a few for this "White Wednesday"!

The one thing I learned this past week-end, while working at the store, was this. Don't EVER get glitter in your eye! Seriously, it really stings! I hope you will join Kathleen, the creator of our "White Wednesdays" and participate in "White Wednesday" with us! Her posts are always inspiring as are the featured blogs she shares each week. Have a great day!


Vintage Market Place said...

I heard from my friend who taught in California schools for 35 years
that they banned glitter in the classrooms because of kids getting it in their eyes.
Saddest thing i ever heard.
Its a wonder kids aren't in bubbles nowadays, lol
Take care

chateau de fleurs said...

Hi Sue, everything in your photos of Country Roads is GORGEOUS! I love all your "White" Vendors :) XO Christie

Genie said...

Oh Sue, I hope you make it out for the Vintage Marketplace. Everyone is to creative and sweet. This is my absolute favorite time of year and Country Roads is one of our favorite destinations. Glitter, dirt and wire my three favorites.