"Then Again"

I'm always working it seems. Even when I'm home, I'm working on something. So, there are only a couple of shows during the daytime that I really like. One is the Ellen Show and the other is the Nate Berkus Show. Last night when I was watching the Ellen Show in bed, Diane Keaton was her guest. My love of Diane Keaton goes way back. I couldn't even give you a date if I tried. She use to come into Country Roads all the time. And you know, I don't really have any words to describe what a "cool" person she really is. I remember one time I saw her crossing Chapman as she headed over to our store. You wouldn't have recognized her because she was barefooted! 

The best part of  Diane shopping with us is that she made you feel like you have always known her! She was just so down to earth and nice and real. I remember one Saturday she had come in and I was writing her up. I got SO involved in my conversation with her that I didn't realize a sizable crowd had built behind her. I do remember hearing Katie say to someone, "yes, that is her, she comes in all the time". I think at the time she was having a house built down in Laguna Beach and had Bryce deliver chairs there for her. There was absolutely nothing whatsoever pretentious about her at all! Then there was the time after I finally had enough of the messes in our public restroom and had cleaned up such a disgusting, nasty mess that I finally closed it. I ordered a portable bathroom for the garden. Diane asked if she could use our bathroom, and I just automatically gave her the speech of having to use the portable in the garden without even thinking. Just as she had left, Katie kicked me really hard! She just looked at me, like she often does, and said, "what is wrong with you, and why did you send Diane Keaton to the nasty portable"! I went out back and offered her our restroom before she had reached the portable. She indicated it was no big deal but "thanks". 

It's been several years since I have seen Diane. It is always touching for me to see her at the Academy Awards being nominated for films she starred in. So much talent and such a "real" person at the same time. I love she adopted kids in her 50's, and holds her head high and finds pride in marching to her own drummer! I've already ordered her new book, and can't wait to read it. 

After Diane's Mom passed away, Diane found a huge collection of her Mom's journals, notebooks, scrapbooks which included all kinds of newspaper clippings of anything and everything Diane had ever done! Her Mom was diagonsed with Alzheimers at 66 and was worried she wouldn't remember everything, or have anything left to leave to her family! What a wonderful, heartfelt gift she did leave! I've ordered her new book and cannot wait to read it. Sometimes it is just "nice" to be reminded of the real, caring people that are still in our world, no matter how famous they are! And the bond that many of us share with those that ARE our family!

"I always say my life is this family, and that's the truth. 
Dorothy Deanne Keaton Hall


Anonymous said...

What a great post Sue!!! I've always loved her, she always amazes me in every movie she's in.
My absolute favorite is "something's gotta give". Everytime I need to laugh I watch that movie.
So glad to hear that she is as down to earth in real life as she appears on screen.
Have a great day.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

What an awesome story. I think she is great too. It is amazing how we can meet someone so famous and they turn out to be just a 'regular' person. And then there are some who seem like it's gone to their head. lol Those are the ones that just make me laugh. But, that is great that you have such awesome memories of her coming into our shop:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Debra@CommonGround said...

I hope she's been back since the bathroom incident! LOL! She changed my life in Annie Hall, I've never liked "frilly" things. I love her style and she really is an icon! Love the line in "Somethings Gotta Give" when she says, "I'm just a turtleneck kinda gal". me too. great post.