A Sunday Quickie!

I only have time for a quick post this morning. I've got to get ready to head back to Country Roads today! We had an over the top day yesterday thanks to all of you. Please know it's always appreciated. Shawn and Jennie were in yesterday, re-doing their new window space. They switched windows spaces with Bryce, since this one is bigger. I personally see so many things I want. How about you?

It looks REALLY good. My pictures don't do it justice. See something you want? Let me know, I would love to help get it to you. Shoot me an email at cradealers@aol.com.  Have a great Sunday with our big ole full moon. I'm sure the day will be very "full" for us too here at Country Roads! Take care.

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Pent-Up Photos said...

If I lived near you, I would be doing all my Christmas shopping at Country Roads! I hope that shoppers in your area are taking advantage of all the goodies you have in the store! It sure looks good, girl!