The Disappearance of Time!

 We have been having some absolutely beautiful weather here in sunny SoCal!! Riley goes to school down in Seal Beach. On our way home, I realized how lucky we were because to my left, you could clearly see Catalina Island. And when I turned to the right, you could see the mountains dusted with snow. The picture above I had taken on night at sunset and even then you could see then you could see Catalina! I guess that's why we put up with all the chaos here that goes along with great weather. This week found me with only one day off. Don't even ask. I have four at "the store" and two with my grandbabies! Bodhi is teething now and it is all about the drool. Not sure why Morgan didn't make an appearance in these photos. She had a classic look yesterday afternoon after she decided her Popsicle would make a great comb! Here are just a few pixs of my other job that I DO love to death!!

Nothing like "cousinly love" as Bodhi uses Morgan's head as an afternoon snack! They are busy little people, but I know even in the most chaotic of days, I will always treasure the time I am able to spend with them. And now, I'm off to face my public. And you never, ever know what kind of stories they will  leave to be told. Stop by and see us the week-end. As I mentioned, we are have awesome weather right now!! Take care.


Malisa said...

Oh, my gosh! What a special, special job you have! Those grandbabies are absolutely adorable! I need a slobbery hug from Mr. Bodhi! So you have MOUNTAINS in addition to the ocean? I am so, so jealous! Speaking of jealous...I'm so envious over the nice, BIG photos on your blog. Gotta figure that out! Hope you have a fantabulous day at work!

lulu redstar said...

what two cutie patooties! those eyes just slay me!
California is cool! I know all the beauty makes up for all the nut jobs, quakes & shakes!
xo lulu

Anna said...

Oh how cute! And I'm loving the new look here!

Boogieboard Cottage said...

That's a great shot of Catalina and the sunset! Your grandbabies are so cute, what a wonderful second job you have, and I'm really enjoying your new blog look, I like the bigger pictures. :O)